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World Bank and IFC's infoDev Publish Dr. Martin's Briefing Paper of Technology Transfer and Commercialization

In an on–going effort to build relevance in international efforts to stimulate the engagement of creativity around the world, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation"s infoDev has published a briefing paper on technology transfer and commercialization. The following is an excerpt from the paper which can be downloaded in its entirety HERE.

Health, agriculture, water and food security technology transfer require a depth of moral engagement frequently considered (with regret) post facto.

"UN: Polluted water killing, sickening millions"

In yesterday's AP article in the Washington Post by RONALD BERA, he claims (citing U.N. research) that more people are dying from unclean drinking water per year than from all forms of violence including war. See his article to learn more HERE.

"The Water-Saving Toilets of the Future"

Start solving the water problem by switching your toilet. Please check out some of these slick new toilet technologies that help save over one gallon per flush in most instances. Read more in this article by Matthew Wheeland of which can be found HERE.