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New GIC Article in Yes! Magazine: "A Global Innovation Commons For Clean Tech"

A Global Innovation Commons for Clean Tech
By David Bollier - Yes! Magazine & Policy Innovations: The Central Address for Fairer Globalization - 20.Jan.2010

World Bank and IFC's infoDev Publish Dr. Martin's Briefing Paper of Technology Transfer and Commercialization

In an on–going effort to build relevance in international efforts to stimulate the engagement of creativity around the world, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation"s infoDev has published a briefing paper on technology transfer and commercialization. The following is an excerpt from the paper which can be downloaded in its entirety HERE.

Health, agriculture, water and food security technology transfer require a depth of moral engagement frequently considered (with regret) post facto.

Open Hardware Hydrogen Car

40 Fires Foundation can be found HERE:

"The first project hosted by 40 Fires is design of the Hyrban, an urban vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicle has been designed with energy efficiency as the primary goal, while still meeting safety, reliability and performance standards.

vREM INTERVIEW: “Wind turbines help to protect marine wildlife"

"Far from damaging marine wildlife, offshore wind turbines act as artificial reefs which provide protection for fish, explains marine biologist, Xavier Pastor. Pastor, who is Executive Director of the conservation organisation Oceana in Europe, firmly defends this technology as one of the best ways to tackle climate change." See the interview at Renewable Energy Magazine HERE.