Trade Credit Offsets

Contractsort icon Company Country/Region/International Authority Contract Amount TCO Amount Announcement Date Termination Date Project Timeframe Industry
Astrium wins €7.5 million contract from the European Space Agency for satellite image processing until 2013 EADS Europe 75,000,000 EUR 07/20/2010 3 years Aerospace, Electronics
ATK Awarded $105 Million Multi-Year Contract to Supply Non-Standard Ammunition for Afghanistan Security Forces ATK (Alliant Techsystems) Afghanistan 105,000,000 USD 10/01/2009 Defense
ATK Awarded $14.4 Million Contract to Modify and Deliver Three Medevac Aircraft to the Colombian Air Force ATK (Alliant Techsystems) Colombia 14,400,000 USD 03/03/2009 Defense
ATK Awarded $21 Million Contract to Supply Non-Standard Weapons for Security Forces in Afghanistan ATK (Alliant Techsystems) Afghanistan 21,000,000 USD 11/11/2009 1 year Defense
ATK Awarded $36 Million Contract to Provide LW30mm Ammunition to UK ATK (Alliant Techsystems) United Kingdom 36,000,000 USD 01/27/2009 12/31/1010 Defense
ATK Awarded $87 Million Contract to Supply Non-Standard Ammunition for Afghanistan ATK (Alliant Techsystems) Afghanistan 87,000,000 USD 12/05/2008 Defense
ATK Awarded Additional $41 Million to Deliver Non-Standard Ammunition (NSA) for Afghan Security Forces ATK (Alliant Techsystems) Afghanistan 41,000,000 USD 06/14/2010 3 years Defense
ATK's Speer Gold Dot Selected by French Police as New Service Ammunition ATK (Alliant Techsystems) France 14,000,000 USD 06/16/2009 06/16/2013 4 years Defense
Australia orders ammunition from Saab Saab Australia 23,900,000 USD 11/22/2011 6 months Defense, Munitions
Australian Rail Track Corporation Awards Lockheed Martin A$74.8 Million for Advanced Train Management System Lockheed Martin Australia 74,800,000 AUD 06/16/2008 12/31/2011 IT Services, Railway, Transportation
Australian subsidiaries in logistics deal Thales Group Australia 3,600,000 USD 08/01/2012 Defense, Vehicles
BAE given Bradley contract BAE United States 10,800,000 USD 02/16/2012 Defense, Vehicles
BAE given support contract for Hawk trainers BAE India 92,000,000 USD 12/14/2011 Aircraft, Defense
BAE picked for destroyer communications BAE United States 37,000,000 USD 12/09/2011 1-4 years Communication, Defense, Naval
BAE Systems to Extend Use of 552 U.S. Army Bradley Vehicles Through $91 Million Program BAE United States 91,000,000 USD 10/25/2010 1 Year Defense
BAE Systems to Modernize Destroyers Under U.S. Navy Ship Repair Contract BAE United States 365,000,000 USD 07/27/2010 1 Year + 4 Year Option
BAE Systems wins Saudi Arabia contract to service Typhoon fighter planes BAE Saudi Arabia 500,000,000 GBP 10/09/2009
BAE Systems wins South Korean F-16 upgrade BAE Korea (South) 1,100,000,000 USD 08/02/2012 12/31/2021 9 years Air Force, Defense, Radar, Upgrade
BAE upgrading Australian frigates BAE Australia 262,000,000 USD 11/29/2011 7 years Defense, Naval, Radar
BAE upgrading Bradley Fighting Vehicles BAE United States 340,000,000 USD 08/14/2012 Communication, Defense, Upgrade, Vehicles
BAE upgrading Brazil's APCs BAE Brazil 41,900,000 USD 12/23/2011 Defense, Vehicles
Beijing reuses wastewater courtesy of Siemens Siemens China 36,000,000 USD waste water management
Boeing acquires IP from Italian AgustaWestland to build AW101 medium lift helicopter for presidential copter Boeing United States 06/07/2010 Defense
Boeing continues helo improvement work Boeing United States 18,000,000 USD 08/09/2012 Air Force, Defense, Helicopters
Boeing set for another WGS satellite Boeing United States 338,700,000 USD 07/31/2012 Aerospace, Communication, Defense, Satellite
Boeing upgrading F-15C visual trainers Boeing United States 20,000,000 USD 12/01/2011 01/31/2013 Aircraft, Defense, Visual Systems
Bombardier and Alstom Awarded Order from Deutsche Bahn for 83 Electric Multiple Units for the Suburban Railway Stuttgart Bombardier Germany 340,000,000 EUR 05/05/2009 Railway, Transportation
Bombardier and LNVG Sign New Maintenance Contract for Locomotives and Double-deck Coaches Bombardier Germany 19,000,000 EUR 08/12/2009 12/31/2022 13 Years Railway, Transportation
Bombardier and Trenitalia Sign 258 Million Euros Contract for an Additional 100 Locomotives in Italy Bombardier Italy 258,000,000 EUR 10/14/2009 12/31/2012 Railway, Transportation
Bombardier Awarded Contract for 50 V300ZEFIRO Very High Speed Trains in Italy Bombardier Italy 652,000,000 USD 09/30/2010 Railway, Transportation