Trade Credit Offsets

Contractsort icon Company Country/Region/International Authority Contract Amount TCO Amount Announcement Date Termination Date Project Timeframe Industry
$20M for future jammer development Northrop Grumman United States 20,000,000 USD 07/30/2012 Communication, Defense, Radar
$21 Million for NATO SEASPARROW MK48 Program Raytheon Belgium 21,000,000 USD 07/23/2008
$21 Million for NATO SEASPARROW MK48 Program Raytheon Canada 21,000,000 USD 07/23/2008
$21 Million for NATO SEASPARROW MK48 Program Raytheon Netherlands 21,000,000 USD 07/23/2008
$217 Million Vehicle Order by Swiss Army General Dynamics Switzerland 217,000,000 USD 12/19/2008
$225 million NASA Information Management and Communications Systems (IMCS) subcontract QinetiQ United States 225,000,000 USD 07/02/2008
$241 Million to Provide South Korea Patriot Air and Missile Defense Capabilities Raytheon Korea (South) 241,000,000 USD 04/21/2008
$246 Million for UAE Patriot Raytheon United Arab Emirates 246,000,000 USD 02/09/2009
$250 Million for Subsea Wellhead Systems for Drilling Projects in Brazil General Electric Brazil 250,000,000 USD 06/08/2009 Three years (2009-2012) Energy, Oil
$26 Million Contract to Support Switzerland's F/A-18 Hornet Fleet General Dynamics Switzerland 26,000,000 USD 09/25/2008
$261M in new contracts for CACI CACI International Inc United States 261,000,000 USD 07/30/2012 Defense, intelligence, IT Services
$27 Million to Support Taiwan's Patriot Systems Raytheon Taiwan 27,000,000 USD 09/01/2009
$29 Million for RG-31 MRAP Upgrades General Dynamics Canada 29,000,000 USD 04/08/2010
$3 Billion for power generation equipment and services in Iraq General Electric Iraq 3,000,000,000 USD 12/16/2008 Energy
$33 Million for Iraqi Abrams Tank Work General Dynamics Saudi Arabia 33,000,000 USD 03/11/2009
$36 Million for Kuwait Patriot Test Equipment Raytheon Kuwait 36,000,000 USD 06/29/2009
$374 Million Light Armoured Vehicle Lifecycle Support Contract by the Government of Canada General Dynamics Canada 367,000,000 USD 07/11/2008 06/01/2013 5 Years
$38.5 Million to Upgrade Patriot for South Korea Raytheon Korea (South) 38,500,000 USD 07/15/2008
$40 Million Production Order For Nulka BAE Australia 40,000,000 AUD 06/21/2010 12/31/2013
$42 Million Contract to Supply Targeting Pods to Swiss Air Force Raytheon Switzerland 42,000,000 USD 09/21/2009
$50 MILLION (USD) CONTRACT FOR F-15 ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (EPDS) REWIRE PROGRAM Israel Aerospace Industries United States 50,000,000 USD 07/19/2010
$50 Million for Subsea Equipment in Brazil General Electric Brazil 50,000,000 USD 02/01/2011 Three years (2011-2014) Energy, Oil
$500 Million in Equipment and Services to expand Shaybah gas-oil processing facilities General Electric Saudi Arabia 500,000,000 USD 12/14/2010 Ship the equipment during the first half of 2012 Oil
$55 Million Contract to Deliver TOW Missiles to Saudi Arabia Raytheon Saudi Arabia 55,000,000 USD 07/18/2010
$58 Million for Engineering Work on Saudi Tank General Dynamics Saudi Arabia 58,000,000 USD 11/10/2008
$6 Million Navy Award for Common Missile Compartment Work General Dynamics United Kingdom 6,000,000 USD 05/06/2010
$7 Million for Saudi Tank Work General Dynamics Saudi Arabia 7,000,000 USD 09/25/2009
$70 Million for the HERCULES Recovery Vehicle BAE United States 70,000,000 USD 07/07/2010 03/31/2013 5 Months
$700 Million project for New Power Plant in Saudi Arabia General Electric Saudi Arabia 700,000,000 USD 10/04/2010 20 years Energy
$71.1 Million to Provide Support and Upgrades to Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles BAE United States 71,100,000 USD 06/22/2010 12/31/2010