Trade Credit Offsets

Contract Companysort icon Country/Region/International Authority Contract Amount TCO Amount Announcement Date Termination Date Project Timeframe Industry
A-T solutions provide counter-IED training A-T Solutions Inc. United States 38,000,000 USD 12/07/2011 Defense, Training
AAR wins aircraft support contract AAR Corporation United States 18,500,000 USD 12/02/2011 1-5 years Aircraft, Supply Chain Management, Support Services
AAR helos continue to fly in Afghanistan AAR Corporation United Arab Emirates 99,000,000 USD 11/29/2011 10/31/2012 1 year Defense, Support Services
Accenture wins U.S. biometrics contract Accenture plc United States 71,000,000 USD 12/22/2011 13 months Biometrics, Sensors
Spain wins a $10 billion high-speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia Adif Spain 10,000,000,000 USD 07/19/2011 High Speed Rail
U.S. picks AECOM for Afghanistan work AECOM Technology Corporation Afghanistan 177,000,000 USD 12/21/2011 18 months IT Services, Software, Support Services
Aggreko wins a further 50MW contract for temporary power in Uganda Aggreko plc Uganda 45,000,000 USD 01/08/2008 12/31/2011 Power, Temporary Power Generation
Cathay Pacific Agrees To Buy 6 Aircraft From Airbus For Basic Price Of $1.63 Bln Airbus SAS Hong Kong 1,630,000,000 USD 01/20/2012 Aircraft
GSM/EDGE solutions; IP system updates Alcatel-Lucent China 1,700,000,000 USD Telecommunications
GSM/EDGE solutions; IP system updates Alcatel-Lucent China 1,700,000,000 USD Telecommunications
Alcatel-Lucent wins $100 mln Uganda contract Alcatel-Lucent Uganda 100,000,000 USD 08/23/2007 Infrastructure, Telecommunications
Italy edges S. Korea in $1 billion jet deal with Israel Alenia Aermacchi Israel 1,000,000,000 USD 02/17/2012 Air Force, Aircraft, Defense
Alenia Aeronautica signs support deal for Bulgarian C-27Js Alenia Aeronautica Bulgaria 32,600,000 USD 12/23/2011 5 years Air Force, Defense, Logistics
Alion to analyze explosions for Navy Alion Science and Technology United States 4,600,000 USD 12/06/2011 09/30/2014 Analysis, Defense, Naval
Army picks Alion for geospatial data Alion Science and Technology United States 6,000,000 USD 11/29/2011 09/01/2014 3 years Defense, Geo-spatial Data
Alion tapped for rapid technology work Alion Science and Technology United States 30,000,000 USD 01/05/2012 3 years Defense, IT Services, Support Services
Alion aids in weapons development Alion Science and Technology United States 6,000,000 USD 11/29/2012 Defense, Munitions
Alstom enters the Brazilian wind power market via installation of a wind turbine assembly factory in Bahia Alstom Brazil 50,000,000 BRL 12/21/2009 12/31/2011 Power, Wind
Alstom signs contract worth around €700 million for a high efficiency steam power plant in Slovenia Alstom Slovenia 700,000,000 EUR 12/10/2009 12/31/2014 Coal, Power, Steam
Alstom wins contract worth €58 million for the completion and maintenance of Citadis trams for Tunisia’s capital city Alstom Tunisia 58,000,000 EUR 07/20/2010 07/31/2015 5 years Railway, Transportation
Alstom wins first contract in the Brazilian wind market - Worth €100 million Alstom Brazil 100,000,000 EUR 07/09/2010 07/31/2011 Power, Wind
Alstom signs €178 million variable speed pumped-storage hydro contract Alstom Switzerland 178,000,000 EUR 11/28/2009 12/31/2015 Hydroelectric, Power
Casablanca chooses Alstom’s Citadis for its future tramway network Alstom Morocco 112,000,000 EUR 11/17/2009 Railway, Transportation
Alstom to install its latest automation system on the world’s largest coal-fired power plant Alstom South Africa 100,000,000 EUR 12/23/2009 Coal, Power
Alstom to supply Melbourne with 20 additional X’Trapolis suburban trains Alstom Australia 170,000,000 EUR 02/06/2009 12/31/2010 Railway, Transportation
Alstom to supply track works for the Singapore metro’s Downtown Line Alstom Singapore 120,000,000 EUR 02/06/2009 12/31/2015 Railway, Transportation
Alstom wins major contract in South Africa to retrofit Koeberg nuclear power station Alstom South Africa 125,000,000 EUR 03/13/2009 Nuclear, Power
Alstom signs a €160 million contract with PGE to modernise the Bełchatów power plant in Poland Alstom Poland 160,000,000 EUR 04/07/2009 Power
Alstom awarded €125 million contract to supply cutting-edge technology to Switzerland’s new Nant de Drance hydropower station Alstom Switzerland 125,000,000 EUR 05/04/2009 12/31/2017 Hydroelectric, Power
Alstom to supply 48 cars and a signalling system for Brasilia’s metro Alstom Brazil 110,000,000 EUR 07/24/2009 12/31/2010 Railway, Transportation