Alstom to provide 9 metros for Sao Paulo’s suburban network for an amount of €80 million

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Contract Amount: 
80,000,000 EUR
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CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos), the suburban trains operator of São Paulo metropolitan area in Brazil, has placed an order with Alstom Transport for 9 trainsets for a total amount of around €80 million. Part of Alstom’s Metropolis range, the metros will be developed and manufactured in Alstom’s Lapa plant where the company employs 850 people. Delivery will take place by mid 2012. The trains will operate on the existing line 11, known as “East Express”, connecting the East metropolitan region of Sao Paulo to the city centre and transporting every day an average of 521,000 passengers. Composed of 8 cars each, CPTM’s Metropolis will make access and getting around on board easier thanks to extra wide chairs, gangways between the coaches and a lightening system informing the hearing handicapped of the doors opening and closing. Besides, dynamic travel information, air conditioning, security camera, smoke detectors and fire extinguishing system will improve passengers’ comfort and safety.