Windmill (General)


A windmill is a rotary fan-like device that uses wind energy to churn itself and in doing so, converts wind into kinetic energyto pump water or other fluids throughout a system.

It consists of a set of turbines, a control vane, a frame to sit on, a gearbox, and a pumping system to convert energy from wind energy into mechanized movement.

Typically, a windmill resembles a pinwheel or rotary fan-like device, which is set in motion when the blades or wings of the windmill are propelled by the flow of wind.  Once wind flows through the blades, kinetic energy is transferred through a gear box enabling pumping or another motion to occur.

Energy is transferred in a rotary fashion, like in a turbine, spinning to generate power throughout the system to which it is connected.


When put together, a wind turbine resembles a rotary fan that spins as wind passes through it, generating rotational energy that enables functioning of the windmill.  The turbine blade catches the wind to cause rotation and energy production.  The best kinds of wind turbines are highly aerodynamic, meaning they are smooth and easily able to attain lift from the wind in order to facilitate efficient energy production. 

The blade is the principal component of the turbine.  It is attached to the axle of the turbine.  When wind strikes the blade, the axle rotates. The blade components of a windmill can be shaped as leaves, feathers, wings, fins, fan blades, air plane wings, and many other similarly shaped objects. 

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