Vane Tails


A control vane for a wind turbine is a mechanism that orients wind turbines for most efficient energy production.  The vane enables the turbine to move with correspondent changes in the wind's direction.

It resembles a pipe or shaft like device with rudders or fins attached to it, and a gearbox that enables rotation upon the pipe or shaft to occur.

Without a control vane for a wind turbine, wind turbines, and the generator they are connected to, run the risk of being damaged during shifts in wind patterns, and the windmill would not be able to adequately harness wind energy.  That is, as wind changes direction or velocity, turbines are placed under a tremendous amount of pressure, and without the ability to turn and adjust in relation to the correspondent changes in wind patterns, the turbines may break and won't collect the amount of energy needed to operate the windmill reciprocating pumping system.

The control vane for a wind turbine is the mechanism that enables this adjustment to be made.  It functions as an axel or axis that can swivel to enable the windmill to receive wind gusts in all directions 360º.

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