A gear box is a box or cube that contains a set of jagged tooth objects called gears  When the gears are interlocked and put in motion, they can change the rate and direction of motion.  The gearbox alters the motion of the turbine to enable energy from the windmill to be transferred into another device such as a pump.  Beyond this, the gear box enables rotation to occur within the control vane for a wind turbine, allowing the turbine to move correspondingly with changes in the wind.

A gear is typically a round metal or semi-metal plate that has jagged teeth protruding at its edge.

When gears are interlocked and are set in motion, they allow any other artifice connected to it to be put in motion as well.

Conventionally, the back of a gear is connected to a shaft (or pump) which pivots cyclically in an up and down motion, enabling pumping or pile-driving to occur.

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