Ball Check Valves


Ball check valves enable suction to occur inside of water pumps, so that water can be extracted and transferred into delivery devices such as pipes or storage tanks.  The ball check valve consists of a ball bearing and a ball bearing holder.

Inside of a pump, pressure must be created in order to plunge water or fluid from the ground. In the windmill pumping system, pressure is created when the plunger is actuated; this in turn pulls water from the ground through a tubular structure.  The plunger has two directions, up and down.  Depending on the direction of motion for the plunger, the ball bearing in the check valve is actuated to control the water flow either from the ground or into a delivery pipe and storage tank.  When the plunger of the pump is actuated, this creates a vacuum inside of the pump and water source which pushes water through the tubular structure, past the ball bearing and into a delivery device or storage mechanism.

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