DSIT Solutions Ltd.


DSIT Solutions Ltd., a high tech company, develops sonar and underwater acoustic systems and solutions to the defense, commercial, and homeland security markets. The company offers mobile acoustic range system, which enables real time radiated noise processing, analysis, and display; underwater acoustic signal analysis system that processes and analyzes various types of acoustic signals radiated by various sources and received by naval sonar systems; generic sonar simulator, a PC-based training simulator, which is designed for the training of ASW, submarine, and mine detection sonar operators; and sonar systems upgrade kits. It also provides diver detection sonar system that is designed to protect critical coastal and offshore sites against unauthorized intrusion of divers, swimmers, swimmer delivery vehicles, and mini submarines; and harbor surveillance system, which detects, intercepts, and physically blocks intruders, including divers, swimmers, swimmer delivery vehicles, submersibles, small surface vessels, and mines. In addition, the company offers signal processing systems, signal acquisition cards, programmable gain amplifier cards, PGA card chassis, and signal conditioning units; hardware, software, and firmware for modems and data links, Bluetooth solutions, and VoIP/RoIP applications; weapon C and C operating consoles; hardware and embedded software for computerized vision systems; and sonar power amplifier units. It serves navies, government organizations, shipyards, and commercial companies in Israel and internationally. The company is based in Givat Shmuel, Israel. As of August 18, 2005, DSIT Solutions Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, Inc.