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Melting whole bottles into chicken wire

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Here are images from recent testing using whole bottles with embedded metal wire. The thought is to have a more simplified construction unit that would be attached to the structure using steel or copper wire or mesh. The technique would use less energy since it's a lower melting temperature to just collapse (slump) the bottle. The bottles could then function as tiles or perhaps slumped into a hemi-cylinder shape aka italian roofing tiles.

Glass, Chicken Wire
Metal disintegrates in the process and becomes weak
Glass stabilization technology

Ideas for Arkhangai Greenhouse

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The Hasu Shivert Resort is almost completely self sustaining as they produce their own food, energy, water, and shelter. They have three greenhouses on site one of which is an A-frame greenhouse.

For more specific details of the greenhouse view our one pager here.

Collection of GIC 1.0 Ideas

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#1 written by bikerider
about 2 months ago

Use the Vodka bottles as thermal mass. Fill the bottles with water (leave room for expansion in case of freezing incidents) and stack them flat along the North wall and any other possible location in the greenhouse. They will absorb heat during the day time and radiate it out into the green house at night ameliorating some of the temperature swings
#2 written by Tom
about 2 months ago