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Greenhouse nearing completion

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After a month of intensive collaboration between the Jefferson Public Citizens program at the University of Virginia, Professor Bob Swap from the University of Virginia, M-CAM, Mongolia Innovation Commons Partners (M-ICP), The Mongolian Academy of Sciences, The Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center of Mongolia, Elbegdorj Institute (EBI) Think Tank, Hasu Shivert Resort, and Mongolian National Business Incubator Federation (MNBIF), we are happy to report that the greenhouse is nearing completion.

Woodfired Kiln - Alternative to Electricity

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According to regional expert, kilns can be built into hillsides.  These kilns must be lined with fire bricks, i.e. bricks that can withstand temperatures over 2376F.  These kilns can reach this temperature being fired with wood and hold thermal mass for 4-5 days.  This style is popular in Korea, Japan and China.  Here are some local example links.  This post will be enhanced upon further research. 

Firebrick (brick that can withstand high temperature), hillsides, wood
Custom & Culture: 
Use of natural materials vs. electricity
Building the fire appropriately
market price of firebrick
structuring the kiln and brick configuration
Use land and natural resources for fired outcomes, clay, glass, etc.

Slumping whole bottles into glass tiles

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Glass, clay, dirt
strong glass embedded with clay