Arkhangai Cold Storage

Country or Countries Where Challenge Takes Place: 

Create a cold storage facility near the Hasu Shivert Facility in the Arkhangai Aimag, Mongolia.  This facility will be used to store vegetables for sale throughout the year.  As a collection point for the local area, the facility must be of reasonable size.  Many hills are available in the area.  




In the Arkhangai Province of Mongolia, Munkhbat Hasu, operator and proprietor of the Hasu Shivert Resort facility, has a unique perspective on the local agriculture situation. For the purposes of this challenge, we will focus on one aspect of the complex organization.

Munkhbat has realized that many of the local agriculture producers do not have access to cold storage facilities and therefore must immediately sell, use or preserve fresh vegetables.

During the summer growing season, farmers produce an abundance of fresh vegetables and deliver them to the city market. The abundance of vegetables is delivered to the market in a short period of time creating a large supply. Increased supply decreases the price of the goods because the market demand isn’t large enough to support the glut. Cold storage therefore would allow local farmers to store fresh vegetables and release them to the market year round, creating consistent supply that the market can support at an increased price.

The first step of the challenge is to brainstorm ideas for on-site agriculture cold storage using what is already in abundance. It may be possible to bring in outside equipment, however the site is remote; tangible items that have to be transported would come at significant cost. Further steps in the challenge will aggregate the value contributed and begin an execution phase, the results of which will be published in the Global Innovation Commons.


Hills, arable soil, dairy, vegetables, buildings, hot springs, hot water (69 degrees C), large glass piles, pool, basketball courts, showers, passable road, greenhouses, farm equipment.
Custom & Culture: 
Resort has been traditionally Russian but has since been operated by Mongolians. Proprietor Munkhbat Hasu runs the facility and staff are trained in hospitality. Many agriculture workers work in the greenhouses, on grounds and near the property. Hasu is well known for his prized racing horses. Sporting facilities, swimming and hot tub facilities are all on grounds. Traditional Mongolian activities such as horse riding and archery are available.
Local knowledge about banking, business, short term debt cycles and credit matched with timeline. Farming, greenhouse, algae growing, resort operations, food and beverage, dining, health spa operation, massage, tourism, horse training.
Value is currently unknown.
Geothermal heating on property, greenhouses, plant and algae growing technology, plumbing, heating, cooling, pipes, nozzles, equipment for greenhouse and farm.
Employment opportunities at resort, in greenhouses, and on grounds. Tourism to area significant in summer months. Plentiful food, vegetarian, dairy, and meat in the region. Health facilities for water treatment, massage, rest.