Contribute How-To

Welcome to the Global Innovation Commons 'Contribute' section.  In this section, users who have signed in to the site can contribute articles, links, writing, videos, upload files, tag content, create challenges/projects, add reference material, lesson plans, experiments, results, methodologies and trade offset credits to the Global Innovation Commons.  

The 'Contribute' section has been organized into sub-sections.  These sub-sections each contain a description and content entry form.  Users can fill out this entry form with data appropriate to each sub-category description.  Please fill out, upload, or select the appropriate content and click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.  If you leave the page without clicking 'Save', all submissions will be lost. Clicking 'Save' stores all information in the Global Innovation Commons.  This information is indexed daily and will populate in the 'Discover' section and will become usable and viewable by all Global Innovation Commons users.  

Most file types are supported for upload.  If your type has a problem or if you have any questions about the 'Contribute' section or forms, please email us at

Contribute GIC Challenge

A Global Innovation Commons Challenge is a statement of something you want to accomplish in a specific location.

Examples: "I would like to extend the growing season for tomatoes in Mongolia," or "I would like to cure leprosy in Nepal," or "We would like to provide clean drinking water in India," or "We would like to build a wind turbine in Kenya."

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Contribute Challenge Idea

A Challenge Idea is any idea, or piece of content that brings clarity, or proposes an idea to meet the needs of a Global Innovation Commons Challenge. 

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Contribute Reference Materials

Reference materials are any piece of data, content, or other information that a user feels would increase knowledge about a topic.  

Examples:  There may be a video, a paper, or a link that would help educate the user base.

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Contribute Commons Innovation

A commons innovation is any innovation that a user/commoner wants to contribute to the commons.  In general, the Global Innovation Commons relates to the four sector areas of agriculture, clean energy, water and world health, however any innovation can be submitted.  

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Contribute Commons Methodology

Commons Methodologies are systems of principles, processes or systems used within a context to achieve an outcome. Using this knowledge within the Global Innovation Commons, methodologies can be associated with Global Innovation Commons Challenges implementations or stand to be separate to be used by commons participants.

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Contribute Experiments & Results

A place for educators and students to contribute experiments and results from experiments to the Global Innovation Commons.

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Contribute Lesson Plan

Educators wishing to submit lesson plans on topics relating to any subject area in the Global Innovation Commons can do so here.

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Contribute Trade Credit Offset

Trade Credit Offsets (read more here) are a contractual obligation that occurs when a business domiciled (permanently located) in one country signs a contract to do business in another country. As part of the agreement, a percentage (usually between 20-30%) of the total contract value is obligated to be paid from the company to the foreign country during the term of the contract.  In this regard, offsets are essentially like coupons.   Offsets can be repaid to the country in three ways: cash, training/capacity building (3X cash value multiplier) and proprietary technology transfer (10X cash value multiplier). Identifying offsets, countries, national development goals, Global Innovation Commons Challenges and related technologies give commons users a path to form relationships with companies, countries, innovators, knowledge, markets and potentially capital. 

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Contribute Company

Contribute company information for any company which may have produced a trade credit offset.

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