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Solar Energy and Sustainable Desalination in the Middle East

The recent World Future Energy Summit (WFES) and International Water Summit (IWS), both held from January 19-22 in Abu Dhabi as part of the city’s Sustainability Week, highlighted the Middle East region’s growing need for environmentally-sustainable methods of water desalination to provide clean water to growing populations.  


Eradicating Guinea Worm Disease and River Blindness in Africa and South America

      In an interview with BBC News on February 3, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter set a goal of eradicating guinea worm disease (dracunculiasis) within the next two to three years.  Guinea worm is a painful and potentially fatal parasitic disease transmitted through drinking water contaminated with the roundworm.  Carter noted in the interview that his organization, The Carter Center, has struggled at times to provide preventive and treatment technologies to some of the most-affected regions because of logistical challenges facing NGOs in zones of conflict.

Drought and Food Security in Brazil

      January 28-29, 2015 saw the third annual summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in San José, Costa Rica.  The summit was attended by 21 heads of state from across the region.  Included in its plan of action was a resolution to implement a plan submitted to CELAC by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which set a goal of eliminating hunger in the region by 2025.  The threat to regional food security posed by climate change was one of four key strategic points identified in the plan.