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Historical Commons Monday: Virginia, Early 17th Century Algonquian land customs

The native tribes of eastern Virginia had essentially a land stewardship system. Individuals could use any land for planting and it would not be interfered with as long as it was in use. However, if the people planting there decided to use different land, anyone else could immediately start planting on the old land.

How Everything Works - Louis Bloomfield

University of Virginia Professor Louis Bloomfield has a knack for explaining how things work. Breaking down complex physics and engineering concepts into layman's terms is his specialty.

His website, http://www.howeverythingworks.org has a wealth of explanations about questions asked by the general public. His books further delve into the topics of structure, engineering, history and science.

Four Years. Go.

Four Years. Go. is an initiative that challenges us to become change agents over the next four years.

"The Water-Saving Toilets of the Future"

Start solving the water problem by switching your toilet. Please check out some of these slick new toilet technologies that help save over one gallon per flush in most instances. Read more in this article by Matthew Wheeland of Greenbiz.com which can be found HERE.

"UN: Polluted water killing, sickening millions"

In yesterday's AP article in the Washington Post by RONALD BERA, he claims (citing U.N. research) that more people are dying from unclean drinking water per year than from all forms of violence including war. See his article to learn more HERE.

Radio New Zealand Interview On Sunday Morning With Chris Laidlaw

Listen to M-CAM Executive Chairman Dr.

"From Do It Yourself to Do It Together"

In the recent Bloomberg/Harvard Business article, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown write about Chris Anderson's ideas concerning the 'Big Shift' of business. He elaborates on three main factors that will influence business processes and directly impacts how the commons model could be employed on a P2P or larger level.

"A Trade School Where Ideas Are Currency"

A recent article by New York Times writer Emily S. Rueb documents the beginnings of an interesting 'trade' school in New York City. This school is not traditional in any sense of the word. Students bring the problems they want to solve and 'pay' for the solutions by offering their ideas...to other people's problems in the class. Want to add to the curriculum or join? Read more HERE

vREM INTERVIEW: “Wind turbines help to protect marine wildlife"

"Far from damaging marine wildlife, offshore wind turbines act as artificial reefs which provide protection for fish, explains marine biologist, Xavier Pastor. Pastor, who is Executive Director of the conservation organisation Oceana in Europe, firmly defends this technology as one of the best ways to tackle climate change." See the interview at Renewable Energy Magazine HERE.

Open Hardware Hydrogen Car

40 Fires Foundation can be found HERE:

"The first project hosted by 40 Fires is design of the Hyrban, an urban vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicle has been designed with energy efficiency as the primary goal, while still meeting safety, reliability and performance standards.

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