New GIC Article in Yes! Magazine: "A Global Innovation Commons For Clean Tech"

A Global Innovation Commons for Clean Tech
By David Bollier - Yes! Magazine & Policy Innovations: The Central Address for Fairer Globalization - 20.Jan.2010



ResearchGATE Links Agriculture

"The ResearchGATE site links researchers from around the world and is driving homegrown, locally relevant innovation in developing nations." (From CAS-IP)

In relation to the GIC, the Agriculture module directly aligns by connecting relevant communities of researchers.



Doctors Without Borders: Lack of R&D and Scale Up of Treatment Plagues Patients with Neglected Diseases

Doctors with out borders have begun treating patients with Chagas Disease but a lack of research and development stops them from treatment methods. The Global Innovation Commons has the methods to help them.

Welcome to Global Innovation Commons

Welcome to the Global Innovation Commons, a partnership development project by M·CAM, infoDev and GUD.

What would happen if you were given over $2 trillion? That's right, if someone walked up to you and gave you $2 trillion. That could never happen, right?

In fact, that is exactly what has just happened.

While the patent system has been around since the 17th century when it was developed by nobles in Italy and England, it may surprise you that the system was designed to benefit you.

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