Victoria Hale, An Uncommon Hero Eradicating Black Fever (Leishmaniasis).

"Meet Victoria Hale. In the year 2000 Victoria Hale launched the Institute for OneWorld Health, a nonprofit pharmaceutical company that develops drugs and vaccines for diseases that primarily affect developing countries. Although infectious diseases account for only 10 percent of deaths in developed countries, they cause 60 percent of deaths among the world's poorest people. OneWorld intends to bring drugs to market at costs affordable to poor people and countries. It has set up a manufacturing and marketing collaborative to begin production of its first drug, which will treat Visceral Leishmaniasis, a fatal tropical disease transmitted by insect bites that currently afflicts 1.5 million. Learn about her story in this episode of Uncommon Heroes, funded by the Skoll Foundation. More information at" - Skoll Foundation

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