More Affordable Wind Power for Virginia

The Virginian-Pilot reported on April 24, 2015 that Dominion Virginia Power is putting its offshore wind power plans for Virginia Beach on hold due to unexpectedly high costs.


While Dominion had estimated the cost of the project, including two wind turbines, at $230 million, the Virginian-Pilot reports that the only bid that was submitted had an estimated cost of $375-400 million, an amount that a Dominion spokesman said would be hard to justify.  This development was especially disappointing in light of the $47 million grant the project received from the Department of Energy last year as part of an effort to get wind power off the ground in Virginia.  


Dominion and the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority are now forming a group that will look for ways to reduce the project’s cost so that it can move forward.  This project and others like it around the Commonwealth could be made more cost-effective through the exploration of public domain technology options and knowledge disclosures.  


The Global Innovation Commons (GIC) has compiled sets of public domain patents that are available for anyone to use in the United States under the GIC framework.  There are over 5,300 public domain patents related to Wind Power Generation that can be accessed through the GIC.


Visit the GIC site to view public domain patent sets for many other sources of Clean Energy and other areas of interest by country.



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